auto launch an application 
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 auto launch an application

I know to do it on Pocket PC. Try, may be it will work on CEPC.

Read at:
"How can I write application what will be run every time the device is
switched on?"

Vassili Philippov
MS-MVP Mobile Devices

Tue, 08 Jun 2004 02:14:15 GMT  
 auto launch an application

You can try adding some entries in common.reg to do launch an application on
Windows CE start up.





Place the application Component here.
 "Depend70"= hex:14,00, 1E,00
;End placing Application component

Here "PinesSynch.exe" is our application packed in NK.Bin.

More explanation about start up applications refer Platform Builder

> Is there a way to auto launch an application when winCE loads and how?
> like icq starts up when you load up win98.

> I am developing using a CEPC.

> Thanks,

> Hagai

Tue, 08 Jun 2004 04:29:28 GMT  
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