Switching online/offline status of windows ce devices 
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 Switching online/offline status of windows ce devices

Hi guys,

My problem is as follows:
I am developing an MFC based windows ce 3.0 application
that supports 802.11b protocol. The mode of operation i
am encountering here is switching offline/online. When
online, i am connected through 802.11b/TCPIP to my local
LAN (Using static IP addressing). Now, when the device is
disconnected from the RF (Radio frequency) range of
operation, it gets also disconnected from the local LAN,
so, to stay connected to the TCPIP layer, i have to
cradle the device and use pass-through technology
provided by ActiveSync 3.0+. The problem here is that
pass-through needs Dynamic IP addressing not static.
Doing so, requires the device to be soft reset... And
here comes the problem. I need the device to easily
switch mode of operation easily without the need to
restart it. Can anyone provide hand here ?!

Thanks alot guys,
- Firas

Tue, 21 Jun 2005 01:08:43 GMT  
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