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I have a little problem I just can't figure out.

I made a eC++ wrapper class for ADOCE, and then I tested it in a small eC++
PPC app, and everything worked perfectly. I could connect both too a cedb
file, and a SQLCE db. Then I made a ATL/COM wrapper on top of the ADOCE
wrapper, and tested it using a eVB app, and everything still worked.

But, and here comes my problem, if I try using this COM component in an .asp
page running on the local CE web server I can suddenly only connect to a
cedb file, and not the SQLCE file..... WHY!!!!

Any hints would be greatly appreciated...

Thx in advance
Rune Lanton
Transportnett AS

Tue, 05 Oct 2004 00:18:56 GMT  
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