CToolBar button click focus state problem 
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 CToolBar button click focus state problem
Hello gurus,

I have a wizard generated doc/view app to which, apart from the regular
CCeCommandBar to host menu and toolbar, I have a second toolbar(CToolBar)
docked to the bottom. Running on emulator(PPC2000), the CToolBar toolbar
buttons never update their selection states when leftclicked(selection state
drawing happens if I left click while holding the right button pressed). I
know that the problem issue is SHRecognizeGesture() and following a how-to
on the topic, have created a CMyToolBar(derived from CToolBar) where I
handle OnLButtonDown() to return CWnd::Default().

This shows me the toolbar selection state correctly( a black selection rect
over button) when clicked, but unlike the CCeCommandBar, the selected
button's light colored background rectangle is not drawn. So how do I rig up
this support for my CMyToolBar class?

My idea is to use NM_CUSTOMDRAW and paint the light background on selected
button in POSTPAINT. Is this the solution? Is there an easier way than doing
the drawing myself?? I can't seem to get the custom drawing right and
although I have seen a couple of customdraw list samples, I haven't come
across any toolbar related customdrawing sample and desperately need some
assistance. I'm sure somebody must have come across this issue and there
must be a KB somewhere(except I cannot find it :)! Could someone please help
me out with an existing sample or with their ideas and code?


Sat, 05 Feb 2005 22:12:34 GMT  
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