Remote-debugger lies about release version? 
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 Remote-debugger lies about release version?


yes, it can lie. For example, call stack can be corrupted. There is a common
mistake that can cause this behavior. Check all your message handlers that
you added without using a Class Wizard. They should contain the correct
number of parameters. For example,


OnMyMessage(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam); // correct
OnMyMessage(WPARAM wParam);  // NOT correct; will work in debug version, but
will crash in release

Yaroslav Goncharov
Smartphone Developer Network

> Hello,

> I'm trying to debug an app which only fails in the release version. It
> *appears* that I can't do that under eVC, because the de{*filter*} seems
> to be lying to me.


> I compiled the Win32(WCE ARM)Release version of my app, but changed
> the project settings in two ways. First, I told it to generate debug
> information. Second, I completely disabled optimization. I was careful
> to recompile everything.

> Then I launched the app under the de{*filter*}. I had narrowed down the
> problem to the constuctor of a Filestream object[1], which I'm using
> to read and write XML files using MSXML and the DOM, as per Chris
> Muench's example article[2].

> Inside the constructor I do nothing but intialize a few fields. I set
> a breakpoint at the start and end of the constructor, and used the
> to inspect those fields. According to the de{*filter*}, they were not
> initialized. (Specifically, I initialized an integer field to '1', and
> its value appeared, in various runs, to be some number like 2470336,
> 63421, etc.)

> Finally I instrumented the constructor with print statements, and the
> output file indicates that the fields were indeed initialized
> properly. (The control flow indicates the same thing--e.g. as I walk
> through switch statements on that integer value.)

> In addition, the de{*filter*}'s line pointer sometimes bounced around
> randomly, as if I were debugging optimized code--but I carefully
> turned off ALL optimizations, so that can't (shouldn't!) be happening.

> Does anyone else have experience with this? Does eVC 3.0's de{*filter*}
> lie when debugging release code? Everything was fine when I ran the
> debug code.

> Thanks!
> Len.

> [1] Version of Filestream posted by  Lars Lundstedt:

< http://www.*-*-*.com/ %23wHQ%23%24%23GBHA.1604%4...

> [2] Original Article by Chris Muench:

< http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

Mon, 04 Oct 2004 14:48:42 GMT  
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