LoadOEMBitmap How??!! 
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 LoadOEMBitmap How??!!

The documentation specifies the OBM_* identifiers for
loading a standard bitmap such as a check mark, and
specifies that #define OEMRESOURCE must appear before
including afxwin.h and windows.h.  When I attempt this the
compiler reports OBM_CHECK and undeclared identifier.  The
documentation then seems to suggest that Win CE doesn't
support LoadOEMBitmap and MFC just calls LoadBitmap, in
the latter documentation it says that Win CE doesn't
support predefined bitmaps and you can't use any OBM_*

So which is correct, can you load a standard bitmap or
not??  If you can then how??

Many thanks, Tom.

Sun, 25 Sep 2005 16:09:38 GMT  
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