SQL Server CE 2.0, EVC++4, and CE.NET 
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 SQL Server CE 2.0, EVC++4, and CE.NET

I have an applicatoin written for PPC2002, EVC++3, and the ADOCE
control.  I'm trying to port it to EVC++4 on CE.NET.  CE.NET doesn't
have the ADOCE control, so I'm trying to get it to run with SQL Server
CE 2.0.  I've gotten SQL installed on CE.NET; ISQLw20 runs on the
handheld and I can create tables, etc.

From EVC++4, how do I access SQL Server 2.0 on the handheld?  Is it

I haven't been able to get the SQL Server CE 2.0 samples to compile
under EVC++4, either.


Fri, 02 Sep 2005 23:11:17 GMT  
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