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Hi All,

I had some queries regarding the wokring of
SmsSetMessageNotification. It says that on the receipt of
a new SMS, it will start an application I want to start.
What if my applicaiton is already running and I just want
to call a function in a separate thread? Can it do that

The second problem is when it says that it will not work
if another application has an open SMSRead handle. Does it
mean that when I am reading a previously received SMS in a
separate thread, and a new SMS comes, I cannot process the
new one?

Another confusion was regarding the format in which the
notificaiton comes and the data contained in it, as I will
need the SMS memory location for reading it using SMSRead.

Can someone please help me regarding these?


Mon, 27 Dec 2004 23:05:22 GMT  
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