Problem with winscard function 
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 Problem with winscard function


We are working with embedded VB on CE and a proyect that use winscard
We declare this:

Declare Function SCardStatusW _
Lib "winscard.dll" _
( _
    ByVal hCard As Long, _
    ByVal mszReaderNames As String, _
    ByRef pcchReaderLen As Long, _
    ByRef pdwState As Long, _
    ByRef pdwProtocol As Long, _
    ByRef pbAtr As Byte, _
    ByRef pcbAtrLen As Long _
    ) As Long

And in the procedure this and other variable

Dim abytAttr(255) As Byte

But when use the function ScardStatusW the function return 0 that is OK, the
parameter 6 (abytAttr) is in/out and the parameter 7 return the large of
this arrays, but when we read the array in other position distinct of 0 an
error occurre.

Result = SCardStatusW(lngcard, strReaders, LargoLector, _
lngState, lngActiveProtocol, abytAttr(0),

In VB6 working in W9X/W2000/WXP the declaration and the parameters is iqual,
and working OK.
Do you now if in embedded VB we have that declare different o the parameter
is pass in other way.

Thanks for your answer.
Best regards.

Sun, 18 Sep 2005 22:34:36 GMT  
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