show resource bitmaps in Webbrowser??? Where's html viewer??? 
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 show resource bitmaps in Webbrowser??? Where's html viewer???


I've used the "html viewer control" in my application under evc3 to
display simple html with a bitmap of the resource of my aplication.
Now I want to port to evc4. But under evc4 the control isn't aviable.
It is used in the "peghelp.exe" of the Kernel but I couldn't find a
way  to use it in my application.

To solve the problem I tried to use the "WebBrowser control" for the
same thing. So I can display now html but I cannot put the bitmaps
from the resources in the control.

Has anybody ideas to solve my problem ?


Mon, 27 Dec 2004 17:08:52 GMT  
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