porting my app from ppc2002 to Windows CE .NET 
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 porting my app from ppc2002 to Windows CE .NET

I hope this is an easy one.  I have a Dialog-based application on the
PocketPC 2002 that I would like to get running on a Windows CE .NET device.
The big thing is that I had to switch from EVC++ 3.0 to EVC++ 4.0 and the
result was I no longer have the Pocket PC SDK to play with. (among some
other trivial porting issues) With this said, I no longer have access to
anything in the aygshell.lib or aygshell.h files.  The biggest thing that I
cannot do now to my dialogs are add tool bars to the bottom as easy as:

m_ToolBar = (CToolBar*)m_pWndEmptyCB;

I have tried numerous other ways to get a toolbar to the bottom of my dialog
in EVC++ 4.0 but nothing will work.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  So
far, I am thinking I am going to have to redo my application to a forms
based application or just create buttons on the bottom of my dialogs to
represent the toolbar.


Mon, 19 Sep 2005 23:38:28 GMT  
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