Help with NDIS driver not starting 
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 Help with NDIS driver not starting

I'm trying to get my NDIS miniport driver to load under WinCE3.0 without too

much success. I beleive that I'm missing some vital registry entries which

means that my DriverEntry function doesn't get called when the OS boots up. I

don't have a physical network card as I'm emulating a NIC with my driver.

I've got the following entries in the registry, which according to the

documentation I've looked at, should be enough to get my driver to

automatically load...

        "DisplayName"="Apollo Emulator 2 for CE"


        "DisplayName"="Apollo CE Emulator 2"



However, my DeviceEntry never gets called? Can anybody suggest a solution to

this problem please.

Thanks in advance and please note my e-mail will be unattended until 7/1/02.

Paul Coleman

Wed, 09 Jun 2004 00:13:47 GMT  
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