Howto develop Non-Moveable dialog Application for wince3.0? 
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 Howto develop Non-Moveable dialog Application for wince3.0?

I try to apply the following code to compile a non-moveable dialog
appication for Wince 3.0 platform.
 HMENU HandleMenu ;
 HandleMenu = GetSystemMenu(hDlg,FALSE);
 if(!RemoveMenu(HandleMenu ,0,MF_BYPOSITION))
  Error = GetLastError();
and i get error code 120 which is ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED (This function
is not supported on this system.)

May i know is that anyway to develop a Non-moveable dialog application in
Wince 3.0?
Thank you.


Sun, 25 Sep 2005 18:50:03 GMT  
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