How to use Win MediaPlayer DLL? 
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 How to use Win MediaPlayer DLL?

Hello all, i'm a bit lost here so i was hoping for some

I'm trying to build a simple little mediaplayer
application for Win CE 4. The problem is that i can't
figure out how to get the proper DLL/OCX.

I read that implementation of ActiveX controls works in
the way that you have a desktop DLL registered on your Dev
station and then build your project. The problem is that i
don't have the same DLL on my win2000 dev station as on CE.

On CE it "seems" that the mediaplayer is in the MSDXM.DLL,
on my win2k i have MSDXM.OCX (which also contains Windows
MediaPlayer) the problem is that if i write an app in eVC,
it won't work on my target or on the emulator.

I tried to upload the MSDXM.DLL CE file to the emulator,
but when i run REGSVRCE on it, it returns error 4e (i
think). And my app still doesn't work.

Can someone point me in the right direction in this


Sun, 01 May 2005 09:34:25 GMT  
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