Compiling a PPC2002 app. for PPC 2000 (CE3.0)... 
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 Compiling a PPC2002 app. for PPC 2000 (CE3.0)...

Hi all,

We have reason now to get our app that was developed for PPC2002 compiling
and running on PPC2000 (CE 3.0).  Now, in the app. I use MAPI, so I know I
will have to convert the MAPI calls to the corresponding inbox API calls.  I
also use ADO 3.0, but I assume that this is supported in CE 3.0.  What I
would like to know, API's apart, are there any other issues I might run
into.  For example, any issues with the MFC dialogs, eVC etc?

Kind regards,


P.S.  The app. is written in eVC 3.0.

Sun, 25 Sep 2005 16:24:55 GMT  
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