HTML Viewer control: On Link is called twice 
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 HTML Viewer control: On Link is called twice


We are using HTMLControl in our eVC++ application. And facing some
strange problem.

We have written some code in overwritten OnLink() function of a dialog
which is based on CSTHtmlDialog class.

We are able to successfully run program on English iPAQ(OS - WinCE
version 3.0.9348(Build 9616)). However when we tried same program on
Japanese iPAQ (OS - WinCE version 3.0.11232(Build 11232)) there are
following problems:

This HTML page is having two buttons(Submit & Reset). Bot working fine
in English iPAQ.
But on Japanese iPAQ

1. OnLink is called twice even when submit button in HTML page is
clicked once. Actually NM_Hotspot is also getting generated twice.
2. OnLink is called when clicked on Reset button(This was not seen on
English iPAQ)
3. In case of Japanese when two events(twice OnLink) are generating in
first event blank strHref is received and in second event actually
posted data is received.
4. However we tried CSTHtmlDialog class in another sample application
on Japanese OS and that time OnLink is called only once. So what might
be going strange in our application causing two occurances of

Can you please guide, or give any pointers.


Tue, 08 Feb 2005 13:55:21 GMT  
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