how to use database 
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 how to use database

i'm new in the database programming. i develop in eVC++ 3.0. i got few
question about database in pocket pc:
1. from what i read from the book (tell me if i'm wrong), i can access
database in different ways:
first i can access from API with a lot of programming, second i can use the
MFC class, third i can use the ADOCE.
my question is which one should i use, what the advantage and the
2. what is property? from what i know property is like a field but have a
unique number as id(?). i don't know if i have property in destopk database.
3. it seems that pocket access is not install yet in my device or my
emulator. from where i can install pocket access?

Thank you very much....

Mon, 07 Feb 2005 17:53:03 GMT  
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