unable to sync my appln.please help. 
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 unable to sync my appln.please help.


Here is my problem :

I have to write an ActiveSync provider.

I used Visual C++ 6.0's wizard to create an "ActiveSync Service
Wizard" project, which does a simple file synchronization(sample based
on chris muench's book-wce technology tutorial).I have compiled the
project, getting a DLL.After having modify the "register.bat" file in
the "Device" directory, I
have compiled the device project, getting a DLL that was copied on the
When I open ActiveSync, in the option menu, I can see
my appln ("MySync1" in the first column, and "MySync1 Store" in
the second one).The line is checked.
The problem occurs when I put the PDA on its base.
ActiveSync is launched,it connects and try to synchronize. But it
manage to do it.I have got an error message from ActiveSync. It's
something like :
"Synchronization failure. Unplug the device and try again.one or more
items cannot be synchronized".
If I uncheck the "MySync1" association in the options and I try again,
works (connection is OK). Then, if I have a look in the options,
there is no checkbox in the "MySync1" association !
And "MySync1 Store" has been replaced by "Not installed" !
If I switch the PDA off, the "MySync1 Store" is present (and there is
the checkbox).I guess that there is a problem with the DLL for the
desktop computer?
i have checked the registry entries and they r fine.
I'm working with Visual C++ 6.0 using the service wizard,eMbedded
Visual C++ 3.0, ActiveSync 3.1 , and a HP JORNADA POCKETPC 548 SERIES.
I have spend many hours try to make it work. Can somebody help me ?
should I do ?

Tue, 30 Mar 2004 20:03:17 GMT  
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