please help - eVC4 fails to talk to emulator 
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 please help - eVC4 fails to talk to emulator

Dear All,

I have recently downloaded the eVC4 from MS site. I installed in on my PC and
tried to write a simple "hello world" application. However while it builds ok,
the communication with the emulator seems to be failing. When I do "build" the
VC IDE starts up the emulator (it starts ok, I get a 800x600 window with a basic
desktop in it) and then tries to communicate with it for debug session. This is
where it fails. After a while, I get a message saying that there is a problem
communicating to the device.

Another strange thing I noticed is that the eVC4 installs only the STANDARD SDK,
but in the platform manager I can see also a Win CE.Net SDK, but cannot select
it from anywhere in the IDE.

Hence my questions:

1. How to make the IDE talk to the emulator?

2. What's the difference between the Standard SDK and Win CE.Net SDK that my
platform manager reports?


Ozzy H.

Mon, 04 Oct 2004 19:43:11 GMT  
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