Crash with eVC++ development on iPaq H3630. Please Help !!!!! 
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 Crash with eVC++ development on iPaq H3630. Please Help !!!!!


I currently develop a software on an iPaq H3630 with WinCE 2000 (1.87
ENG), and eVC++ 3.0 on the host side.
I hardly come to a state where I can debug my program. Sometimes the
iPaq hangs (i.e. filesys.exe or cemgr.exe error) already when the
eMbedded DevStudio downloads the reqired files, sometimes the deb{*filter*}
starts and fails on startup of the code somewhere really not expected
(error i.e. "memory misalignment", etc.).
After rebuilding all and/or deleting all intermediate files and
rebuilding all it behaves unexpected (different from before rebuild) and
crashes at another moment. And suddenly it might work for 2 or 3 times,

When the iPaq hangs, all I can do is performing a soft-reset (and it's
annoying doing it every 5-10 minutes).

Has anybody any idea what might be wrong?

What I found out: it doesn't matter whether the dual slot expansion pack
is attached and the ethernet or serial I/O card are inserted.

Please help. Any hint.

Many thanks in advance


Mon, 04 Oct 2004 21:45:39 GMT  
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