Rich Ink and InitInkX and InitRichInkDLL 
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 Rich Ink and InitInkX and InitRichInkDLL

 I am having some problems getting the Rich Ink control
added to my application. On MS web site, I can only find
one reference to this control. It says to call
InitCommonControls, then call InitInkX, then CreateWindow.
Well, I've got the first one and the third one, but I am
not understanding the call to InitInkX and I can't find a
reference to it anywhere. Also, the API reference says
that InitRichInkDLL is used to load and initialize the
rich ink control. Is that instead of InitInkX? Can anyone
show me the format for this function. I do not know how to
call InitRichInkDLL. If anyone can show me to a web site,
or tell me of a book that gives a good description, I
would really appreciate it. Thank you...

Mon, 02 May 2005 02:54:02 GMT  
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