App stops after several downloads on Casio E-125 
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 App stops after several downloads on Casio E-125

I'm developing an app for a casio E-125 and have been able to run and debug the
app. But after performing these steps several times, the app that I'm working on
stops running. VB downloads the program to the device and I see it update. But
when I tap the app, the hour glass pops up for awhile then disappears. The app
will not run no matter what I do. Even a hard reset will not get the app to run
again. If I close that project and start a new app and run it on the casio, no
problem. The new app will work fine. But if I close VB and restart, open the
former project and download it after making a change, the app still will not run.
The only way to get the app to run again is to delete the entire project, create
a new one and put all of the controls back on the form, then download and it will
work. I just don't understand. If it helps this app declares a couple dll calls.
But I've checked the process viewer and don't see anything running after the app
is terminated.

Fri, 16 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
 App stops after several downloads on Casio E-125
Hi Court,

Thank you for posting your eVB question.  From what you described in your
message, the problem seems to be only related to that particular
application.  I would like to ask you a few questions here to better
diagnose the problem:
1.  Do you have the same problem running the application in emulation?
2.  Is the project type "Windows CE for the Pocket PC Project"?
3.  What kind of controls you are using in the project?
4.  Which APIs are you calling?
5.  If you comment out all the code in your application and leave only the
UI, do you have the same problem running the application on your Pocket PC?
 This should isolate the problem and see if it is related to the controls
or the code.

Thank you very much,
May Ji
Microsoft Developer Support

Wed, 28 May 2003 07:18:54 GMT  
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