MSMQ-CE - configuration problem? 
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 MSMQ-CE - configuration problem?

Hi....I'm developing an application for WindowsCE/HPC2000 and am using MSMQ
to deliver data between the Server and the HPC unit (Jornada 700 series).
The server OS is Win2K Server (Sp1).

The problem I have is with the delivery of messages to the HPC; I get
multiple deliveries of messages that I send. Messages sent from the HPC to
the server are ok. Statistics in the MSMQ explorer on the server list the
number of messages for the outgoing queue and next to it is an "unack"
column. If I send a single message to the HPC the number in the messages
column increments, shortly followed by the number in the unack column. Using
msmqadm (enum queues) on the HPC shows the message arriving on the device,
this figure keeps incrementing every couple of minutes, sometimes no change
for a while then a burst of say 6 more messages.

I guess I am not receiving the acknoledgment signal from the HPC MSMQ
software. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this problem might be?

1) Could it be an incompatibility issue between MSMQ 2.0 (Win2K) and
MSMQ-CE? The target server OS is NT4 so I will be trying NT4 MSMQ (1.0)
shortly...but has anyone got MSMQ on Win2K working ok?

2) Network problem, could our network have a port blocked causing the
acknowledgment messages to get stopped? What ports does MSMQ utilise?

BTW: The server pc had a hyphen in the name of the machine and the HPC unit
couldn't "see" the server over the network, ping and name lookup both failed
(and obviously MSMQ). Changing the server machine name to exclude the hyphen
fixed this problem.

Whatever the problem is seems very strange that the messages are delivered
to the server perfectly, I would expect the behaviour of the HPC end to
happen at both!

Thanks in advance for any help!!



Fri, 26 Dec 2003 18:31:03 GMT  
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