pocket pc + smart cards 
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 pocket pc + smart cards

I have pocket pc 2000 on an ipaq 3650. I am using a SCR201
pcmcia smart card reader and I can use their test s/w to
communicate via PC/SC or CT-API. I can recompile their ct-
api application to send my own commands to our smartcard
and I can read data frmo the card no problem. Now the
pc/sc one I can't recompile as I am missing cartain
libraries. Now, I'm not sure where I can get these
libraries. And I've read that these aren't even supported
on pocketPC. However, as I said, the pc/sc app does run
and uses the SCard api to send commands to the smart card.
This implies the resource manager is running.
Can anyone clarify this?

Now, if I knew which .dll has the smart card api could I
use VB to call these functions?



Tue, 05 Apr 2005 05:39:44 GMT  
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