Accessing Directories at runtime, Prgoram Files and app.path question 
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 Accessing Directories at runtime, Prgoram Files and app.path question

Part 1
I have a biorhythm application which uses the directory "Program
I have hardcoded this directory and thus in Austria for example I get the
error File not found
The reason is on the Austrian  device its no longer Program files but
"harprog fil" <<Not really I just dont speak Austrian and cant remmenber the
folder name but you get the idea.  So is there a system variable for reading
the Program Files Folder?
Part 2.
If I use the App.Path object variable it returnes . in the de{*filter*}.  which
if my app and another app is running it seams like this doesnt always return
the same value. At least in debug mode.  So sorry for the mumbling QUESTION
Can I use the App.Path Vasriable to get the Applications directory. (Not the
current directory) and can it change during the programs execution?
I need to access a file in a specific directory on any device I install to.
Please give a simple solution in a much more coherant manner than I have
described my problem.

Tom Dornseif

Sun, 24 Oct 2004 22:38:04 GMT  
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