Newbie - exporting from VB to eVB 
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 Newbie - exporting from VB to eVB

Hey Yossi,
Chris is right as usual... you're going to need operating system/ processor
specific controls.

if it's any use: GZipThingo (from provides a CRC32
function which might be interesting?
(it also provides fully fledged compression - but that's a different story


wolf kumpitsch
snr design engineer, thingo ltd


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> Hello,

> I've created a small application with VB6 and I'm trying to export it to
> eVB.
> I'm using an OCX for CRC16 calculation,
> while trying to run the program (in emulation mode) I'm getting
> "application error - The control VbCrc ... could not be created"

> Is it possible to use VB6 OCX on eVB?
> What have I done wrong?

> Thanks ahead,
> Yossi Pelech

Sat, 13 Nov 2004 03:48:21 GMT  
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