Newbie : Pocket PC/Handheld PC/Palm PC 
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 Newbie : Pocket PC/Handheld PC/Palm PC

Hi Steve,

There are very few apps on the market that can allow you to develop on the
Palm OS platform as well as CE.  The Palm OS screen is 160 x 160.  The CE
screen is 320 x 240.  The only product that claims to do it is CASL.  If you
are a VB developer CASL will take some getting use to.

The question shouldn't really be can I develop my application on any
platform but rather how can I develop against my database on any platform.
At the moment you can use eMbedded Tools for VB development against an
Access database.  You can now use NSBasic Palm to develop against Palm OS
databases created from Access 2000.  NSBasic like any other new environment
still has issues to work out.  Keep an eye on the different newsgroups to
see what developers are asking.

Neil Fallon

> Hi,
> I'm considering starting to learn how to develop for the Windows CE
> platform. I hear a number of terms used for Windows CE devices, Pocket PC,
> Handheld PC, Palm PC. Can one tool be used to develop software for all of
> these? Can one set of compiled code and components be used for all of
> Maybe they are all ultimately the same? I would be grateful for any info,
> useful websites that might provide the answers to these questions.

> Thanks,

Fri, 07 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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