strange behaviour with emulator and cdb-files 
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 strange behaviour with emulator and cdb-files


the emulator environment has some strange behaviour with cdb-files on my
after i importet them with this really!!!! funny procedure into the
emulator and i take a look at the database, everything seems to be ok
when i rename a cdb file, there are no tables in it anymore... but when
i rename it back to the previous name, all the tables are there again

and in the application i wrote (with evb 3.0)and i access the database
with ado, some fields in in a table always have a null-value in every
record, but if i open the database with pocketacces, it shows me a value
in this field.
if i'm executing the application on the device i can see all the values

well these behaviours aren't really bad but the are annoying!
and i'm just wondering why they do appear.. anybody got an idea??



Mon, 22 Sep 2003 07:42:08 GMT  
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