Build a Slider with eVB for an iPAQ 
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 Build a Slider with eVB for an iPAQ


I will build a slider with eVB for an iPAQ 3630
but i can't find the Control.

Hase somebody a sourcecode to realize this ?
Where can i find the control. The help on eVB
is very bad (no examples).

Does somebody know how to program a
baudrate of  31250  for MIDI-Applikation?

Thanks    Walter, Switzerland

Thu, 04 Dec 2003 05:50:10 GMT  
 Build a Slider with eVB for an iPAQ
Hi Walter

Send me an E-Mail and you will get the eVB code for
the Slider for the iPAQ-PocketPC.

Best reguards  Walter

Sun, 07 Dec 2003 04:59:36 GMT  
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