Tree View Styles (newbie question) 
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 Tree View Styles (newbie question)

I'm using tree view in a project, and am having difficulty setting the
style. I want to use style setting number 3, tvwPicturePlusText, which is
+ - and icons (pictures) visible. I'd appreciate help with a snippet to make
it work, as all I've been able to do so far is generate error messages. The
surrounding code is following. Thanks ahead of time.



    Dim nodRoot As MSCETREEVIEWLibCtl.Node

    ' Initialize the TreeView
    Set nodRoot = tvwFolders.Nodes.Add(, , "Root", "Storage Card")

    ' Select the root node
    nodRoot.Selected = True

    ' Initialize the Filter combobox
    cboFilter.AddItem "*.bin"
    cboFilter.AddItem "*.*"

    ' This will fire the ComboBox Change event,
    '  which will populate the first set of directories
    cboFilter.Text = "*.*"

    'Expand the root node
    nodRoot.Expanded = True

    ' Clean up
    Set nodRoot = Nothing

Sun, 28 Aug 2005 05:29:14 GMT  
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