Parsing and loading a Treeview 
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 Parsing and loading a Treeview

I have a table with about 1700 rows in it, one field locationstr has a
string in it that looks like this

/Home Office
/Home Office/A
/Home Office/A/3
/Home Office/A/3/300
/Home Office/A/3/303
/Other Site
/Other Site/High Rise
/Other Site/High Rise/6
/Other Site/High Rise/6/500
/Other Site/High Rise/6/503
/Other Site/High Rise/7
/Other Site/High Rise/7/400

now i need to load a treeview with these values so that it looks like
|---Home Office
|     |---A
|           |---3
|                 |---300
|                 |---303
|---Other Site
      |---High Rise
            |     |---500
            |     |---503

I need to parse these strings and build this tree, i can get the first level
value out but i cant get the others to work in a loop.  i need to keep
parsing as long as
instr(somestring,chr(47))    chr(47) is "/"    is there.   Please help

Mon, 08 Dec 2003 20:26:42 GMT  
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