SDK, components, and actual devices don't match up 
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 SDK, components, and actual devices don't match up


I purchased a PCM3350 PC104 board from Advantech with an image of CE 3.0.
They provided an SDK which looks like it installed correctly on my
development PC.  When starting a new project I select the Advantech project
(instead of HPC or PockecPC).  When I try to add components such as the
WinSock control or the ImageList control I see that the dll used looks like
a default control.  When I try to browse and add the same dll from the
advantech directory eVB comes back with an error that the dll is not a
registerable ActiveX control.  Then if I try to run the project on the
device with the default controls the CE says that it couldn't create the

I checked some of the controls out on both the CE and the PC and it appears
that the component dll in the SDK are the same as that on the CE.

How can I create an eVB app with the extra controls that will run on the CE
device without modifiying anything on the CE image?

Thanks for any help or advice.


Sat, 19 Feb 2005 23:17:50 GMT  
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