Can I do it? RDA method. 
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 Can I do it? RDA method.

But now i have a new problem of it, i can use this RDA method to insert and
update the table of remote sql server, it's smoothly.
but i found i have no method to return the record set of remote sql server,
the means if i use this sentence:
ceRDA.SubmitSQL "SELECT * FROM MyCustomers","Provider=sqloledb;Data
Source=;Initial Catalog=ePPC;user id=sa;password="

(because i want to get some special records from remote sqlserver to do some
action in sql ce, what can i do ?

I have a idea, that i use PULL method to select the special records into a
sql CE table, and compare the records between this table and the table which
already existed in the CE, I don't know wether this's correct, how about
your suggestion?

Sign DocumentBest Regards, Benny Ng Kenfil Hong Kong Ltd. Shenzhen Office


Mon, 19 Jan 2004 10:58:56 GMT  
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