NEED HELP DESPERATELY - Application Install Wizard fails...miserably and repeatedly :( 
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 NEED HELP DESPERATELY - Application Install Wizard fails...miserably and repeatedly :(


I have an eVb(3.0) application and my project type is eVb application for
Pocket PC
and am using Application Install Wizard by selecting tools-remote tools -
app install wizard from eVB.

My application is using s309Picturebox.ocx (a downloadable control from ..)

After 4th step - it gives an error when it asks for the target
processors...It says - "A control used in your embedded vb project
is not registered on this machine.Either this Embedded Visual Basic Project
was not generated on this machine or the processors you chose to target
in step 4 are different from those you chose to target in your project

I have downlaoded s309picturebox(desktop) and s309picturebox(emulator).
I have registered desktop version in c:\winnt\system32 and have done
registration of emulator version by following these steps -

1) downloaded  pocket pc emulator version to desktop and unzip it.
2) bring up remote file viewer
3) add pocket pc emulation connection
4) click on windows in the left pane
5) file->export mfcce300.dll and olece300.dll from c:\Windows CE
Tools\wce300\ms pocket pc\mfc\lib\x86em
6) bring up control manager
7) select pocket pc
8) select pocket pc emulation
9) control->add new control
10) point to the emulator version you unzipped on the desktop.

Am I missing something..?
Why am i not being able to move forward in Application Install Wizard.
I am unable to find a solution to this problem of installation.Please help.

I am eagerly awaiitng for a response...

Thanks a million in advance.


Wed, 26 Nov 2003 20:06:22 GMT  
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