deVBuzz article on eVB / WinSock and binary data 
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 deVBuzz article on eVB / WinSock and binary data

Hi all,

Pete Vickers, the guru behind GUI3000 - a Pocket PC based graphical
front end for the HP3000 tackles the eVB WinSock control and binary data
bug. As Pete said; "I was so e{*filter*}d (sad really!) when I loaded by eVB
CD, and discovered that eVB contained a Winsock control. No longer was
my PC software, GUI3000 destined to be lonely, I could develop a 'little
brother' for it, GUI3000 for Pocket PC. So Off I went, coding in eVB to
talk to my existing server. I connected, received data, and ... nothing.
The application stopped responding. Off to the knowledge base...."


Derek Mitchell

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Fri, 23 Jan 2004 11:50:37 GMT  
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