how can you deal with that transaction? 
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 how can you deal with that transaction?

    now i have a problem to ask, how can i use transaction in RDA in eVB?
accrossed i browse the help of sqlce, it only prompted that transaction
existed the local pocketpc sqlce tables, but how about RDA?
    for my example, one table named "PPC_TABLE" in the sqlce, when i want to
upload those records from pocketpc to the sql2000 server, it's ok when no
others accidents shown, but now the problem is: when the sqlce has 7
records, and it's broken by poweroff or network disconnected, and at that
time, it's already upload 3records to the sql2000 server, and still have
4records in the sqlce (pocketpc)...and it's no can i use
transaction in RDA to avoid this situation? or has any opinion to deal with
this? is it has a properties or method just like the transaction to upload
or download records in batch? and the help info of evb and sqlce hasn't any
chapter or article to avoid this. how about your suggestion?:)~

thank you.

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Sat, 17 Apr 2004 15:50:35 GMT  
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