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 Mail, mail, mail....

Hi all,

I'm desperate now.
First, I looked for a mail control. But Microsoft refers to the POOM
It was not what I was looking for : I wanted to be able to read and write
emails from within a eVB application.
So, I searched for another resource.
At I found the MGCEMail control. With a createobject() I was
able to send and receive messages, using this control.
But untill now, I used ActiveSync to receive messages. And I am able to see
the Inbox of the ActiveSync service.
But now, I use the POP3 Mail Service to send and receive messages. Sending
messages works, receiving don't. I'm not able to set the kind of service I
want to use. So, instead of a the POP3 Mail messages, I always get the
ActiveSync mail messages.
Does this sound familiar to any of you ? I am really desperate(and a bit
pissed off). I searched whole the net for answers by now. Noone seems to use
mail in his/her eVB apps...

Thanks in advance

Fri, 30 May 2003 20:54:19 GMT  
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