Sending BMP Files Via Winsock 
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 Sending BMP Files Via Winsock

I am trying to send BMP Files via winsock to a server using eVB and the
winsock control . On the descktop I have accomplished this by reading the
file with the Open Method using binary and / or Input and sending it
throught winsock. In eVB on a Casio E-125, I use the file component to read
the file (I have used all input file modes Binary/Input) and send the data
with winsock It will read approx 5 bytes (File Length 103407 bytes) and send
that 5 bytes to the server. After sending the 5 bytes it considers itself
finished reading the file.

On the Server End, I recieve all data as string, the client Program (eVB)
sends the file size, then sends the data read in from the file object. It
will place the data in a buffer until the buffer is the length of the file.
It then writes it out to the file.

I have been looking into the winsock API for CE and see a CEBLOB type. Does
anyone have an example or insight on how to send BMP files via winsock to a
custom server (Not using FTP), or examples of the Winsock API for CE that
will allow me to do this.

Any help is appreciated,

John Tolar

Sat, 10 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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