File already exists? 
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 File already exists?

Hello group,

I have tested my application on the WinCE30 emulator and all is well.  I
created an installation program using the Application Installation Wizard
and have installed my app and cdb file on my new handheld (Jornada 568 -
very nice!) running Pocket PC 2002.  Everything appears to install
correctly, but when I tap the icon to launch my app I get an error that says
my cdb file already exists.  I am not creating a new cdb file with my
application, I am only accessing an existing cdb file, viewing, and
modifying some data.

Any ideas?  Is this a Pocket PC 2002 thing?


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Mon, 19 Apr 2004 05:09:20 GMT  
 File already exists?
Usually when I've seen this it's due to some type of CDB file corruption or
file format difference between emulation/device.  Did you copy the CDB
right from emulation to the device?  If so, you might try either creating
the CDB on the fly on the device or converting an MDB for use on the device.


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Tue, 20 Apr 2004 00:40:14 GMT  
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