reference arguments and function adapters 
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 reference arguments and function adapters

The following code won't compile -

#include <functional>
using namespace std;

struct test_fxn : public unary_function<const int&, bool>
    bool operator()(const int &refInt)
    { return refInt < 0; }


int main()
    bool b = not1(test_fxn())(-1);
     return 0;


I think because unary_negate takes a const reference to its wrapped
function's argument type, like so:

 bool operator()(const _Ufn::argument_type& _X) const

which evaluates to a reference to a reference.  My question is: how are
people dealing with this?  I admit my sample code is contrived, but was
inspired by a real problem where I really want to pass a UDT by
reference, not by value.

I've been getting around this by defining my own adapters along the
lines of

struct unary_negate_nref : public unary_function ...

bool operator()(_Ufn::argument_type _X) const

but the number of permutations is getting large.  That is, I've already
defined other variants of the binder functions that handle void versus
non-void return values, const versus non-const arguments to operator(),
and pass by reference versus pass by value in the ctor.
Michael Herstine       Pencom New Technologies


Sun, 29 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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