ANN: Call for beta testers! 
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 ANN: Call for beta testers!

Dear Visual C++ developer,

We are preparing a list of people to help us beta test our first non-GUI
class library for the Visual C++ developer - Tools.VC++ . Tools.VC++ is a
non-GUI class library designed to make programming in the ATL and MFC
environments easier and more powerful. Tools.VC++ provides advanced
collection functionality, powerful string capabilities, VC++ friendly access
to the wildly popular Tools.h++ and simplified access to the Standard C++
Library. This product will save drastic amounts of time in building your
ATL/MFC business objects.

Features in this beta include:

o Easy-to-use MFC source-compatible and generic templated collection
o Full featured collections and strings without MFC dependencies
o Native XML support
o Powerful single, multibyte, and wide character support
o Advanced string editing functionality
o No headaches BSTR wrapper class
o String tokenization
o Substring support
o Regular expression parsing functionality
o Innovative iteration support via Iterator_T
o Collections support interface-based programming
o Easy access to the C++ Standard Library
o Several surprises that we can't disclose yet <g>

If you are interested in participating in the beta, please follow the
instructions at:


Also, please be sure to visit http://www.*-*-*.com/ to learn about our
complete line of MFC class libraries and Visual C++ tools.  We have a new
white paper where you can learn about our exclusive Visual C++ 6.0
integration and also a free on-line MFC hierarchy chart that illustrates how
our various products integrate tightly with the MFC.

The Tools.VC++ Team
Rogue Wave's Stingray Division

Sat, 21 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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