temporary downtime explanation 
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As many of you have noticed, temporarily went down at the
end of last week.
Problems were caused  by NortPoint DSL provider suddenly going out of
business so that not only all
our DNS, but also all e-mail addresses of our Internic contacts went
inaccessible too. We have already moved our hosting to much better
but DNS is still down because of the abovementioned problem (Network
Solutions only
processes faksimile applications on weekdays).
We do hope to restore DNS as soon as possible, so here I am at 5am PST
on a line with Network Solutions ...
We apologize for any inconveniences it might have caused.

-Boris Fomitchev.

Sat, 20 Sep 2003 02:30:39 GMT temporary downtime explanation
Yes you right but I just downloaded the STLPort 4.0 (zip format) from this
The only difference is in '.com' and '.org'. The first isn't working :)

Sun, 21 Sep 2003 19:22:34 GMT  
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