Windows CE: STLPort vs. Dinkumware 
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 Windows CE: STLPort vs. Dinkumware

I am looking for the way to use full implementation of STL and iostreams
under Windows CE's eVC. It seems there are two major possibility: purchase
Dinkumware Abridged Library for Windows CE for $400 or use STLPort - which
mean spend few days fighting with installation.

Could anybody help me decide which way is better? Or maybe there are some
other C++ compiler for Windows CE which I can use instead of eVC?

I see in this newsgroup posts from people both from Dinkumware and from May be it is right place to ask such question :-). And may be
somebody here even know why MS do not distribute some version of STL with
eVC? For me it is sooo strange...


Mon, 29 Sep 2003 07:18:18 GMT  
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