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 Question on Map

If you insert a value into std::map and the key is already present, no
insertion takes place and the value is not replaced. The value that was
inserted first stays in the map.

You can do the insertion this way:

myMap[1] = x;
myMap[1] = y;

The first statement inserts a new, default constucted, element at key 1,
and immediately replaces it with x. The second finds the existing
element and replaces the value with y. Thus, your map stores the latest
inserted value for the key.

If you want to hold multiple values for the same key, use std::multimap
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    Igor Tandetnik

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> hi,

> I have a map and if I keep inserting it with same key but different
> would it erase the previous record?

> If not, then I would have >1 copies of record with the same key. And
how can
> I retreive the latest copy of the record.

> That is, if I do,

> insert(1, x);
> insert(2,y);
> insert(1,y);
> insert(1,k);

> if I do find(1) what would I get? I think I will get x. But is there
any way
> for me to get k instead, ie. the latest copy? Also, is there a way for
me to
> get y as well?

> Thanks in advance.

Tue, 05 Apr 2005 00:26:30 GMT  
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