RISC VC++ 5.0 SP3 and Corrupted Libs. 
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 RISC VC++ 5.0 SP3 and Corrupted Libs.


I have started to do some work with VC++ 5.0 on my Alpha Workstation and I
have noticed that my configuration has a corrupted Libcpd.lib file. What is
odd here is that the Libcp.lib file is just fine, as is the Libcmtd file.
The linker fails with an LNK1127 which is why I assume it is corrupted.

I got the SP3 off of the MSDN CD's and I have not downloaded another one
(given only one file seems to be bad in my distribution and I don't want 40
megs worth of downloads.) If I back down to the non SP3 release (i.e.
standard install from the CD's) it works as well. And I have reinstalled it
twice now.

So if anyone here has bright ideas or can give me a pointer who to ask at MS
I would appreciate it.

Jerome Jahnke
Center for Research Technologies
Biological Sciences Division IS
The University of Chicago
< http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~jahnke>

Sun, 29 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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