ANN: Str Library 2.1.4 
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 ANN: Str Library 2.1.4

We are pleased to announce the new release of Str Library.  Version 2.1.4
now provides additional platform support - MacOS with CodeWarrior, plus
bigfixes and several performance improvements.

Str Library is a high-performance, portable, fast C++ string class (and
related classes and tools) with regular expression support for the C++
** Windows: Visual C++ 6.0 and higher; Linux: gcc / g++ 2.95 and higher;
Mac: CodeWarrior
** Faster and more full-featured than STL basic_string or MFC/ATL CString
** Provides almost 100% plug-in replacement for MFC CString without carrying
the overhead of MFC
** Unicode and ANSI support
** Full support for multithreaded applications through our unique
semi-automatic threading technology
** A variety of scanning, find-and-replace and data conversion methods
** Efficient UTF-8 encoder and decoder for globalization support
** Special features such as Char class, tokenizer, regular expression search
** Full source code and documentation; royalty-free; includes wizard to get
you up and running within minutes

Get your evaluation copy now at

Fri, 28 Oct 2005 03:05:28 GMT  
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