STLport-4.5.1 Released ! 
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 STLport-4.5.1 Released !

Hi there,

STLport-4.5.1 minor release is available at

Please find relevant portion of ChangeLog below:

The following changes were made in 4.5.1 beta 1 since 4.5 release:

        * _config.h, _epilog.h : new namespace inclusion schema implemented
for own iostreams mode
         (no std:: redefinition; _STL:: namespace imported into std::,
instead of std:: imported to _STL.
          C library header files wrappers become obsolete if this mode is
used and no own namespace is selected.
          They will be moved out to distinct directory in the next release,
and default is going to be no own namespace
          with own iostreams.)
          For some compilers (VC6), this only works with

        * iostreams ported to SCO OpenServer (thanks Emmanuel Soden)

        * sparc_atomic.s : added "stbar" to fix multiprocessor crashes on

        * dll_main.cpp : forced link of Bs_G static data members (thanks
Sandy Martel). Function wrapped in STLport namespace.

        * _alloc.c : fixed _STLP_CHUNK_MALLOC for debug malloc configuration
(thanks  Markus Sch?pflin)

        * _config_compat.h : fixed compatibility section for

        * fstram.cpp , vc6.unicode.mak : fixed bug in wide streams handling
for VC6 (thanks Jim Dolter)

        * etc/*.txt : files list broken up into several categories for future

        * stl_msvc.h : fixed library selection for .NET (Thanks Franz

        * _ftsream.h, iostream.cpp : fixed compilation for
_STLP_NO_EXTENSIONS case (thanks  Ben Dorman for the report)

        * char_traits.h : fpos<> operators == made members (thanks  Thomas

        * _threads.h : added using directive for Solaris x86 compile (thanks
Mukesh Kapoor)

        * _threads.h : fixed InterlockedXXX definitions for VC++ 6.0 SP5
(thanks AndreasM)

        * gcc-install-apple-macosx.mak : INSTALL_STEP set to install_unix
(Thanks Tron Thomas)

        * common.mak : default install directory for Unix set to /usr/local

        * _string.h : _M_null expressed via _STLP_DEFAULT_CONSTRUCTED (Thanks

        * _site_config.h : made sure _STLP_NO_THREADS are set if _NOTHREADS
is on (Thanks Jeppe Madsen)

        * _config.h : _STLP_WIN32THREADS is set (bugfix) ( thanks to Andreas
Malzahn )

        * _num_put.c, common_rules.mak : patches by Levente Farkas

        * etc/STLport-4.5.1.spec : spec file to build STLport-4.5.1 RPM added
(thanks Levente Farkas)

        * _auto_ptr.h , _debug.c, _debug.h : debug check for auto_ptr pointer
added (thanks Gerd Hoeren for the idea)

        * debug/_vector.h : invalidation for erase() corrected not to
invalidate current iterator (Thanks ALberto Barbati)

        * stl_bc.h : restored automatic library link directive for cases when
STLport is not a native library

        * _auto_ptr.h : template constructor conversion bug fixed (thanks

        * MIngw32 patches integrated (thanks Wu Yongwei)

        * src/complex_impl.h : case for DEC CXX changed to general, instead
of extension functions for float and long double, to get it compliled
with CC 6.1 (thanks Tony McConnell)

        * dll_main.cpp : added __malloc_alloc instantiation (thanks Michael

        * _debug.c : fixed race condition in _M_detach (thanks Achim

        * test/*/hpacc.mak : fixed flags and libs (thanks  Michael Ehrig)

        * typeinfo : added fix for MS VC ::bad_cast confusion (thanks Alberto

        * debug/_vector.h : removed extra guard for MSCV around member
template constructor (thanks Alberto Barbati)

        * _fstream.h : added extension basic_fstream<> constructors taking
protection parameter (thanks Mukesh Kapoor for the idea)

        * stl_sunpro.h : added additional C include directory choice for
Solaris 6&7 (thanks John E. Bossom)

        * _vector.c : added _vector.h inclusion for
_STLP_LINK_TIME_INSTANTIATION case (thanks Alex Vanic)

        * _num_put.c : fixed overflow case with grouping (thanks Will Evers)

        * _istreambuf_iterator.h : fixed distance_type return type (thanks
Anthony Williams)

        * debug/_vector.h : debug version of push_back() added (thanks)

        * Iostreams ported to LynxOS 3.0 (thanks Dmitry Azovtsev)

        * wrappers/*.h : added inclusions of the master header to fix xlC 3.x
compile (Thanks Dmitry Azovtsev)

        * Changes for BCB6 integration (thanks Nathan York)

        * Removed all dead code blocks marked by #if OBSOLETE and #if 0

        * Updates build spec file for Linux rpm (thanks Levene Farkas, Harold
van Oostrom)

        * complex_trig.cpp : limits changed to be static, for performance
optimization (thanks Sergei Nikolaev)

        * _algo.c : eliminated default-constructed iterators, to lift
unnecessary restriction (thanks Tonci Tomic )

        * _vector.h : fixed bug in assign() : copy used instead of __copy_aux
(Thanks Tim Finer)

        * stl_sunpro.h : restored _STLP_HAS_NO_NEW_C_HEADERS switch for SUN
CC 4.2

        * <new> : __stl_new definition put into the namespace (thanks Satoshi

        * bcb*.mak : fixed md command and DYN_LINK (thanks Kirby Zhou)

        * stl_user_config.h : added _STLP_USE_CUSTOM_CHAR_TYPES_IO switch to
optimize iostreams for default case

        * debug/_vector.h : fixed debug check bug (thanks Gerd Hoeren)

        * _alloc.h : allocator::construct uses std::_Construct (thanks Gert

        * stl?_alloc_old.h : restored (thanks Gert Grossmann)


Best regards,

Fri, 21 May 2004 05:06:04 GMT  
 STLport-4.5.1 Released !

> Hi there,

> STLport-4.5.1 minor release is available at



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Fri, 21 May 2004 19:18:59 GMT  
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