std::vector crash using with DLL? 
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 std::vector crash using with DLL?

As a guess I would say that you are not deleting the MyClass objects when
you clear the vector.
Objects within vectors are deleted via their destructors when the vector is
'clear'ed but
pointers are not.


THEDLL_API void ClearVector(vector<CMyClass *> &vect)
    CMyClass *pItem = NULL;
        pItem = vect.back();
        delete pItem;


and the calling code would be

 vector<CMyClass *> vect;
 printf("The string from the vector is %s\n", vect[0]->GetString());
 printf("Vector cleared\n");

Rod Paterson

> I am having a problem using std::vector with DLLs.

> I have attached a very simple VC6 workspace which illustates the problem.
> It is a console app and a DLL which work toether to produce a crash.   It
> works like this:

> The DLL exports an object called CMyClass, and a function which will add
> pointers to CMyClass to a

> std::vector<CMyClass *>

> I create a vector<CMyClass *> in the application, and then call the
> aforementioned DLL function.  when the vector is destroyed, I get the

> What am I doing wrong?  Any help much appreciated!!!!

> -Mike

Fri, 10 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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