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 IE 4.0 Explorer Page Up/Down

Does any know how to control a CWebBrowser view to make it scroll? I have
an embedded HTML view and with IE 3.0 I was able to do the following:

      hwnd = m_WebBrowser.GetSafeHwnd();
      if (hwnd) {
        hwnd = ::GetWindow(hwnd, GW_CHILD);       // Shell DocObject View
        if (hwnd) {
          m_hwndIE = ::GetWindow(hwnd, GW_CHILD); // WebBrowser Window

and then send WM_SCROLL messages to this window. But this doesnt work with
IE 4.0, and I can't find the window to send these messages to. Or any other
method to do this.


Alain Benzaken
GameLine LLC

Wed, 29 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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