StretchBlt & Win98 
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 StretchBlt & Win98

Hello everyone,

I have an application, which is supposed to print some dialog boxes. Using
VC++ 6.0/MFC I have it done on my development machine, which is running
Win2000 - but it does not work on the user's computer, which is running
What I figured out is that when I commented out a call to CDC::StretchBlt()
function inside my OnPrint() ( :) that actually makes the printing job), the
program works fine, printing out blank pages containing just headers and
footers (I write them into printer DC directly). As only I uncomment that
call to StretchBlt, program hangs up --- no, not there, but inside the MFC
code, at the call to the EndPage(). This happens despite whether I am
printing to a file, or to a local printer, or to a network one.

Does anyone know any problems with StretchBlt() under Win98? (it is just my
guess  of course it is the one responsible for hangups...) - or about any
other differences between printing under Win98 and Win2000?

Thank you in advance,


Tue, 08 Nov 2005 10:59:09 GMT  
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